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The greatest investment that corporate leaders, school administrators, and community leaders can do is to focus on developing its own talent. Talent Management wants to up skill their employees so they possess the life skills to handle any task given to them.

Workplace Readiness Solutions knows how to empower their clients which enables them to shift the corporate culture by fostering emotional intelligence which unpacks the life skills to a higher and more efficient level.

Stop reaching for the low-level fruit and make an impact where it counts. Use Dr. Smith’s laser-focused packages at your next corporate retreat, board meeting or other important event.

He brings enthusiasm and a visionary approach that’s puts listeners on the edge of their seats by using his strengths as an educator to deliver an unbelievable session that sets the mark, charges up attendees and delivers a highly focused and productive presentation.

Keynote Presentations, Corporate Retreats, and more!

Brace yourself because how we will work will change. It’s inevitable that things evolve whether we want them to or not and with the bottom line, we must prepare ourselves for the mindset that tomorrow’s dollars can’t be made with yesterday’s model. In this session, we discuss the ways to optimize the transition into the future of work so you won’t be left behind and you’ll can foresee what’s to come.

STEM remains a catalyst in the new economy and is fueled when integrated with new tools, technology and processes.  Here session attendees will get the foundation of understanding about the future of work and how to embed it into STEM curriculum.

In Dr. Smith’s book, Blank Check©: Recreating America’s Broken Schools, he provides insights that takes a typical school’s configuration and transforms it into a powerful learning center. 

To develop a robust pipeline involves five components that undergo a process that changes diplomas to dollars.  Learn more about the STEMS model, how to secure funding, bring all the stakeholders to the table, and close the shortage gap seen in today’s technical jobs.

This presentation provides valuable information for anyone ready to shift their gears making them prepared for the 21st Century Workplace.

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“I have enjoyed Aaron’s presentations to many groups, including educators, parents, business and community leaders and formal gatherings of defense officials. He always presents a powerful message. Dr. Aaron Smith will inspire your group.”

Bud Ramey

Coastal Virginia civic leader
Author of six books on American culture

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